Celebrity Dance…Where Every Dancer is a Celebrity!

Celebrity Dance Competitions has created a vision that involves the participant, the studio owner, teachers & parents. Celebrity Competitions will provide a personal competition where everyone feels like a Celebrity. This includes personal service, lower entry costs, lower travel costs, trophies, scholarships and cash prizes, attention to all participants, a positive environment, t-shirts for all competitors, a national competition unlike any other competition group, plus much more.


        BALLET: routines must consist of ballet or pointe technique.

JAZZ: a routine that demonstrates jazz technique and style.

HIP HOP:  a routine that utilizes hip hop, break and street type moves.

LYRICAL: a routine demonstrating lyrical technique and contemporary dance.

TAP:  a routine consisting of tap technique and tap work.

CONTEMPORARY: a routine that demonstrates contemporary or modern dance styles.

CHARACTER: a routine featuring any style of dance interpreting a song or character from a Broadway show, movie, musical or similar.

POM/CHEER: a group routine using precise and definite movement. Acrobatics allowed, no stunts or tosses allowed.

FOLK: a routine consisting of ethnic or folkloric technique and style.

SONG & DANCE: a routine that contains both singing and any style of dance tap, jazz, character, etc. This is the only division that permits singing with a live microphone. Celebrity will provide one wireless microphone. No lead vocals permitted on CD, backup voices will be permitted. This category will be judged on vocals and dance.

ACRO: a routine using controlled moves such as walkovers, handstands, chest rolls or similar. This category will be judged on dance and acrobatic ability.

OPEN: a routine that demonstrates dance style or combination of dance styles including: ethnic, acro, gymnastics, novelty, character, etcetera.

PRODUCTION: a production demonstrating any dance style or combination of dance styles. Production category has a time limit maximum of 8:00 minutes and MUST be a large group.

SHOWCASE: a non-competition category where teachers, studio owners and adults can showcase their talents for critiques only. Trophies awarded.

PHOTOGENIC: to enter the photo category, please bring 2 photographs to the first day of competition for your event with a separate registration form with photo marked. The photo category is $25 per entry. Photos will not be returned. 

Solos: two minutes and forty five seconds maximum, 2:45
Duo/Trio: three minutes maximum, 3:00
Small and Medium Group: three minutes maximum, 3:00
Large Group: four minutes maximum, 4:00
Production: eight minutes maximum, 8:00
There are nine age divisions in all categories. Please read the age requirements to evaluate where your competition groups will be placed.
Mini Division: 3 - 4.99
Prejunior Division: 5 - 6.99
Junior Division: 7 - 8.99
Intermediate Division: 9 - 10.99
Preteen Division: 11 - 12.99
Teen Division: 13 - 14.99
Senior Division: 15 - 16.99
Premier Division: 17 - 19.99
Adult Division: 20 & up
Age is determined by actual age as of the first day of your regional qualifying date. Age is an average of all competitors within that number. All ages should be added together then divided by the number of performers to determine placement. Failure to comply can result in disqualification.



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September 15: The tour is set for Celebrity 2016! Mark your calendar and get ready to be a Celebrity!